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yvesilena [userpic]
Any advice?
by yvesilena (yvesilena)
at December 12th, 2005 (03:25 pm)

I'm Yves, and I've been in this community since it started because I was invited to join, but been very quiet because I didn't really feel I deserved the invite. I'm not (as far as I know!) fae or anything but human. I'm just wondering if anyone can help me explain/understand a weird power my friend and I seem to have.

My psychic abilities are generally lousy, and the few experiences I've had have mostly involved someone else with very strong powers. For example, I'm normally terrible at the 'shape guessing' card game, but while playing it with a magician friend I was able to 'read' the shapes off the front of her head. And I managed to 'send' a fictional character (Mistoffelees from CATS!) to cheer up another friend who's also very psychic.

I'm currently staying with a girl I have a very strong bond with and we've had quite a few vague telepathic experiences (I've been able to feel her love across the Atlantic when I didn't know she was thinking of me, and vice versa.) She's Christian and her prayers are extremely powerful - one time (without my knowing) she prayed for me to sleep more and I practically couldn't get out of bed for a week! When I found out, I asked her to stop the prayers and the sleepiness disappeared overnight.

We're both creative writers, and generally obsessed with the world of fiction. She believes that fictional characters are literally real - that you could open a door somewhere and meet them if you just knew where to look. I think of them as more like thought forms than literally real beings.

She has a weird ability to 'know' works of fiction and songs before she actually knows them. She sang along to the lyrics of CATS the first time she saw it, without ever having heard the songs or read the poems, she's done the same with some of Paul McCartney's songs, she 'invented' a set of junior superheroes and later found out that they were already existing characters... etc, etc. I've known about this for ages, and it didn't surprise me too much - I have a habit of making friends with people who seem a bit unearthly and then finding out that they actually ARE a bit unearthly.

What DID surprise me was that the other night I talked to her in my sleep, and I apparently knew the plot of several episodes of 'Ronin Warriors' that I hadn't seen. I don't remember anything about this, but she is very sure that it happened and was quite creeped out by it.

Can anyone explain to me what we're doing and what it means?! Thank you :)


Posted by: Maia Tel Sol Dei (mother_of_many)
Posted at: December 13th, 2005 02:45 am (UTC)

Nice to meet you, Yves! I'm Maia.

I think your friend's got the right idea, about the fictional characters...

As to what you and she were doing, when you were speaking to her in your sleep...
Did she know the plots from the R.W. episodes you were commenting on? If so, you might have just been plucking it from her, since you said you're already well bonded (terrific series, by the way). If not, it could be one of several things. Need more info to narrow it down more.

Do you think we could speak on messenger, or email? To figure this out?
My email is amalthea17@hotmail.com, and that's also my MSN messenger.
I've also got AIM at CallaUnicorn, and Yahoo messenger at maia_tel_sol (my soul name)

I'd love to speak with you.

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