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Maia Tel Sol Dei [userpic]
soooo frustrating
by Maia Tel Sol Dei (mother_of_many)
at June 9th, 2006 (08:57 pm)

current mood: I wanna read...
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I've had a story stuck in my head for the longest time. I remember I read it in a compilation book of short stories, all about Fae...

I remember the whole thing was written from the perspective of a novelist-turned-journalist, who had been asked to write up a story on certain olympic games...

I remember she was sitting in the audience watching Olympic basketball, and time stopped for both teams and every member of the audience save the journalist. One of the teams disappeared. All replaced by a group of Sidhe.

I remember Robin Goodfellow popping in right behind the poor woman, scaring the living daylights out of her, and explaining that they wanted to see who would win in this competition - the best of the best mortals, or the Sidhe...and what would be the point of competing if ~nobody~ were able to document it? They'd picked her because they knew she believed in Fae to begin with - she was only a journalist because her stories didn't pay the rent.

I remember the Sidhe and the basketball team playing it out, and the Sidhe loosing. The second Mortal team is brought back, the Sidhe disappear back into Faerie, and the winning team (of both Mortal and Immortal games, by the by) stepping up to accept their medals...

And finding wreathes made of gold, hammered to look like leaves instead of the standard Olympic medals...And the sun coming out from behind a cloud...

The journalist writes the tale, as she was instructed (because it'd be really friggin' stupid on her part not to, when she's dealing with Sidhe), in the form of a poem

And I remember laughing for hours from the last line of the story

"And those that witnessed never told how sunlight acts on Faerie gold"

Go figure that with everything I remember from that story, I CAN'T remember the title either that story, or of the book it was in. And google searching the line I remember, in whole or in part, brings up nothing of any interest.

Do any of you have any idea what this story is, or where I can find it? Or even someone else to ask? I'm getting desperate.

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