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I just joined, and I would like to post a brief intro and then a not-so-brief question, of sorts.

My name is Britney and I’m twenty-one. My life has been injected, intertwined with magick ever since I was very, very young. I’ve always had a sense of a certain universal energy, a oneness or connection of everything that Is (though I’ve always felt, with some distress, that it’s close to being severed), and I’ve always known how to tap in. One of my earliest childhood memories is an astral jaunt around the ceiling of my playroom and out in my backyard whilst my mortal body napped on the couch. I’ve always felt a strong bond with nature (and thankfully, was raised out in the county and homeschooled, so I could cultivate this), and though my parents are of the Christian faith, I never felt it was “right” for me. Nor did I properly associate with Wicca or any of the “typical” Pagan religions. In the past two or three years, I’ve come to trust in my own Knowing, and make my own path—but the fae and all manner of faerie faith found me along the way, and today they’re a strong part of my spirituality. I believe that some of us are souls sent over from the other realm, and that Faerie is embodied in all of us at points in our lives.

So. Yes. Hi. :D

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Fae Furniture

Hello everyone. I am looking for furniture for my bedroom, which is faery/enchanted forest themed. Can anyone recommend good sites to buy that sort of thing online? I'm in the U.S., too, if that matters.



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Can anyone recommend me any music?

I'm looking for kind of pretty/dreaming/faerie/fantasy/nature music... I don't mind if it's techno, trance, psytrance, ambient, world music etc!

Just am in need of some really pretty music. =)

soooo frustrating

I've had a story stuck in my head for the longest time. I remember I read it in a compilation book of short stories, all about Fae...

I remember the whole thing was written from the perspective of a novelist-turned-journalist, who had been asked to write up a story on certain olympic games...

I remember she was sitting in the audience watching Olympic basketball, and time stopped for both teams and every member of the audience save the journalist. One of the teams disappeared. All replaced by a group of Sidhe.

I remember Robin Goodfellow popping in right behind the poor woman, scaring the living daylights out of her, and explaining that they wanted to see who would win in this competition - the best of the best mortals, or the Sidhe...and what would be the point of competing if ~nobody~ were able to document it? They'd picked her because they knew she believed in Fae to begin with - she was only a journalist because her stories didn't pay the rent.

I remember the Sidhe and the basketball team playing it out, and the Sidhe loosing. The second Mortal team is brought back, the Sidhe disappear back into Faerie, and the winning team (of both Mortal and Immortal games, by the by) stepping up to accept their medals...

And finding wreathes made of gold, hammered to look like leaves instead of the standard Olympic medals...And the sun coming out from behind a cloud...

The journalist writes the tale, as she was instructed (because it'd be really friggin' stupid on her part not to, when she's dealing with Sidhe), in the form of a poem

And I remember laughing for hours from the last line of the story

"And those that witnessed never told how sunlight acts on Faerie gold"

Go figure that with everything I remember from that story, I CAN'T remember the title either that story, or of the book it was in. And google searching the line I remember, in whole or in part, brings up nothing of any interest.

Do any of you have any idea what this story is, or where I can find it? Or even someone else to ask? I'm getting desperate.

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Any advice?

I'm Yves, and I've been in this community since it started because I was invited to join, but been very quiet because I didn't really feel I deserved the invite. I'm not (as far as I know!) fae or anything but human. I'm just wondering if anyone can help me explain/understand a weird power my friend and I seem to have.

My psychic abilities are generally lousy, and the few experiences I've had have mostly involved someone else with very strong powers. For example, I'm normally terrible at the 'shape guessing' card game, but while playing it with a magician friend I was able to 'read' the shapes off the front of her head. And I managed to 'send' a fictional character (Mistoffelees from CATS!) to cheer up another friend who's also very psychic.

I'm currently staying with a girl I have a very strong bond with and we've had quite a few vague telepathic experiences (I've been able to feel her love across the Atlantic when I didn't know she was thinking of me, and vice versa.) She's Christian and her prayers are extremely powerful - one time (without my knowing) she prayed for me to sleep more and I practically couldn't get out of bed for a week! When I found out, I asked her to stop the prayers and the sleepiness disappeared overnight.

We're both creative writers, and generally obsessed with the world of fiction. She believes that fictional characters are literally real - that you could open a door somewhere and meet them if you just knew where to look. I think of them as more like thought forms than literally real beings.

She has a weird ability to 'know' works of fiction and songs before she actually knows them. She sang along to the lyrics of CATS the first time she saw it, without ever having heard the songs or read the poems, she's done the same with some of Paul McCartney's songs, she 'invented' a set of junior superheroes and later found out that they were already existing characters... etc, etc. I've known about this for ages, and it didn't surprise me too much - I have a habit of making friends with people who seem a bit unearthly and then finding out that they actually ARE a bit unearthly.

What DID surprise me was that the other night I talked to her in my sleep, and I apparently knew the plot of several episodes of 'Ronin Warriors' that I hadn't seen. I don't remember anything about this, but she is very sure that it happened and was quite creeped out by it.

Can anyone explain to me what we're doing and what it means?! Thank you :)
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I've never met a faerie... I don't believe in things I haven't verified... but I sure would like it if fairies were real...

faeries, pixies, elves, artists, dreamers, dancers, writers, singers, lovers, laughers, madmen, angels, in-betweens, believers, silent observers, warriors, orphaned children, fools, minstrels, familiar strangers, dandies, muses, changelings, Seers, mermaids, dryads, nymphs, walk-ins, wanderers, seekers, storytellers, healers.

(by the way, on the info page artists is written twice... I took it out here)

I have bolded all that might apply to me, though I'd hardly claim to be expert in any of them :)

Wings look very cute when we wear them... tattoos too, even if the good ones are hard to find.